Hemp Dawg includes 100% Hemp Collars and Leashes made from an 18.5 oz plain weave. In addition we have 100% Hemp Twine and 100% Hemp Cord Leashes that are hand made using a macrame knot. Deck your dog out with Hemp Dawg Leashes and Collars. Since 1997 Hempmania has created an extensive line of high quality, earth-friendly hemp products including hemp bags, hemp backpacks, hemp wallets and a wide range of hemp accessories. We focus on creating the line in a socially responsible way in adherence to fair-trade practices and principles. All of our hemp bags and accessories are manufactured in the highlands of Guatemala by an indigenous Mayan family business. Our company is constantly creating new hemp products for our hemp retail and hemp wholesale customers. "Hempmania's mission is to promote the use of hemp as an eco friendly renewable material for handbags and accessories. It is our hope, that by offering hemp as an eco friendly alternative, we can make a difference in protecting the future of our planet"