About us

In the spring of 1997, amidst growing concerns about environmental sustainability, Annette and Steve found themselves inspired to make a difference. After learning about hemp, they recognized the incredible potential of this versatile plant to create eco-friendly products. With a shared passion for the environment, the couple decided to start an eco-conscious hemp bag business.

Armed with determination and fueled by their love for the planet, Annette and Steve began their journey. They reached out to hemp fabric distributors, forming partnerships that would help them source the finest quality hemp fabrics. With careful craftsmanship, they designed a range of stylish, sturdy, and biodegradable hemp bags that catered to the needs of environmentally-conscious consumers.

In the early days, Annette and Steve faced numerous challenges - from limited funds to educating potential customers about the benefits of hemp. However, they persevered, attending eco-events, collaborating with like-minded businesses, and creating a loyal customer base.

As the word spread about their innovative venture, the demand for their hemp bags surged. Their business flourished, allowing them to expand their product line. Each bag they produced carried a message of sustainability and a commitment to preserving the planet.
Over the years, Annette and Steve’s eco-conscience hemp bag business became a beacon of hope, inspiring others to consider sustainable alternatives. Their journey taught them that passion and perseverance could create positive change, and in doing so, they had become true stewards of the environment.

All of our hemp bags are made in Guatemala. Our eco-conscious hemp bags come to life through the artistry of a beautiful Mayan family business. Guided by generations of tradition, skilled artisans meticulously sew each bag to perfection. Crafted with care and love, our bags carry the essence of Mayan heritage while promoting sustainability and empowering the local community.